William George Stanley son of Richard and Emily Bedford. (taken around 1903)

In this Photo starting at the back is William and his sister Jessie Rosina
At the front isWilliam's father Richard William, sister Ruth Daisy and his
mother Emily (nee Petch).
                                                      (taken around 1914) 

Richard William Bedford (1875 - 1950) with his dog Sandy (taken around the late 40's)                                     

 William served in both the first (picture 1) and second (picture 2) world wars.

                                             On the right is Peggy, sister of William, pictured with a friend during
   the 2nd World War.   

Mildred (nee Ironton) known as Maisie, wife of William
is pictured holding their son Ronald G (Ron)       
(taken around 1931) 

Maisie E E (Bubbles) aged about 2, daughter of William and Mildred.

Ronald aged about 2.

In this photo is William and Mildred with their Children Richard J (Rick), Maisie and Ronald.
(taken around 1938) 

left to right Ron(ald), Richard (Rick) and Maisie (Bubbles).        (taken around 1939) 

Mildred with son Richard right and a friend of his. (taken around 1939) 

(taken around 1947) 

Audery youngest daughter of William and Mildred.
(taken around 1946) 

In this picture standing at back is William and his sister Queenie, sitting down is William's brother Lambton A (Bert), sister Jessie known as Cis and wife Mildred.

In this picture from right to left is William with his sister Joan and her husband Harold Hollis

Richard J Bedford during his National service 1956 - 1958.

William and Mildred on their 50th wedding anniversary on 2nd March 1979

William lived his final years as a Chelsea pensioner.