The Loomes of Bitteswell

Bitteswell, Leicestershire - Church view (St Mary's)

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I have done a bit of research at the records office on Lester's ancestors, Thomas and Elizabeth Loomes, who lived in Bitteswell
and have come across some new information as well as some differences to Lester's family tree.
I have spoken to Lester and he is quite happy for me to point them out.

The new information and differences I have found I have briefly listed below, to see it in  more detail click on to the
hyperlink at the bottom of this page .

New Information I have found is:-
01, the date of Thomas' christening and his parents names
02, the marriage of Thomas and Elizabeth
03, the date of Elizabeth's birth and her parents names
04, the marriage of Elizabeth's parents .
05, two more children who were not on the list of children of Thomas and Elizabeth
06, the census' for Thomas and Elizabeth in 1841, 1851 and 1861
07, the death of Thomas
08, the census for Elizabeth in 1871
09, the census for their son Henry in 1861 and 1871
10, the census for their son Thomas in 1881
11, a map showing the location of Bitteswell and Husbands bosworth in Leicestershire

Differences I have found is:-
01, that Elizabeth is the mother of the children not Sarah, in fact I can't find any record for the marriage of Thomas to his
      first wife Sarah.
02, the years the children were born, especially Charles.
03, I could not find any record of  Thomas who is down as being born in 1830 to Thomas and Elizabeth

Charles does not appear again in any census after 1851. His brother Thomas is down in the 1881 census as a Chelsea pensioner, so I was wandering if Charles could have joined up and seved in the army or navy until he emigrated to New Zealand in 1874?
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