Sheila aged around 2, daughter of Bernard and Elsie (Nee Carne) Dupree.                                    

Sheila aged around 5 (1st school photo)

Far right Bernard, known as Terry, son of Bernard and Elsie, taken at christmas at a hospital in Worthing.

                                    The wedding of (Edith) Lorraine Dupree and Ronald Deal in 1955.
From left to right is the groom's parents Charles and Helen, known as Nell (nee Ironton)
bridesmaids Sylvia, a neighbour and Ann the groom's niece, Ron Norman the groom's best man and friend, the groom, Frederick Carne the brides uncle, the bride, the brides mother Elsie Dupree, Gill the brides cousin and Shiela Dupree the brides sister.  

Sheila Dupree and Richard Bedford on their engagement

Sheila Dupree and Richard Bedford on their wedding day 20th June 1959