Lester Loomes has sent me a copy of his family Tree. Lester who is from New Zealand currenly lives in Germany. His ancestor Charles James Loomes sailed to and settled in New Zealand in 1874.

I do believe there is a link between the Loomes of Bitteswell and the Loomes of Husbands Bosworth as the 2 villages are only
8 miles apart, but I will need to go back further then I have up to now to find that link. Click here to see Lester's Family Tree.

Lester Loomes writes:- 
"We have an old family story which cannot be proven that there were 3 brothers who left Amsterdam a few hundred years ago, I presume because of wars etc, and settled in England and we are descended from one of these brothers.
I used to be a member of a club about 10 years ago in Christchurch NZ. A new member joined whose name was Robin Loomes and he came from Wanganui, I think, in the North Island. We couldn't find a common link. His grandfather came from Amsterdam after the 2nd World War. We both felt the story could have some basis. Have you heard a similar story?"

Jessie Peneamena, who is also from New Zealand writes:-
I was on Google yesterday and I found your family tree. My name is Jessie Peneamena and I am e-mailing you from New Zealand!! My grandmother is Yvonne Rosemary Peneamena (nee Loomes) and she is originally from Timaru in the South
Island, where my Uncle Neill (My grandmother's brother - William MacNeill Loomes) still lives today. My grandparents moved from the South Island a number of years ago now, and lived in Whanganui, Wellington, Whakatane, Tauranga. Today, they live
in South Auckland, in a town called Pukekohe. We just recently celebrated grandma's birthday. On your family tree it has her birth date listed as 7 July, although her actual birthday is 11 July.

I just wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know how amazing I think your (our!) family tree is. I called my father and aunties last night to let them know what I had found. If there is any information that you want to know about our side of the family, please let me know if we can be of any assistance. Also wondering if you are going to research further back? My grandmother says that originally the Loomes family was from France? I can get more information if that would be helpful. My grandmother has a bible that had been handed down to her - it is over 100 years old!
It was a wonderful surprise to find this document on the internet. I had only known the family tree from my grandmother's parents (Robert Loomes and Catherine MacNeill) down to us.Thank you



Hi Nick:

I received your name as a result of an inquiry on We may be related although spelling of last name is different; 

my family Looms. My grandfather, George Looms, married to Hannah Emma Browett, was born May 6, 1867 and died July 29,1948. George’s parents, John Looms and Elizabeth Brewin.

My name is Diana Looms Butland and I live in the United States although born in Market Harborough. Like you I have been working on gathering information for some time based on sketchy information I learned from my father, Bernard, the youngest son of George and Hannah. I am coming to Market Harborough in October, have joined the local family history group, and plan 

to check out some of the information I have gathered at the Leicestershire Records Office.

Let me know if you think my branch of the Looms family and yours are connected.




Diana and I are both decedents of Thomas Loomes and Alice Peabody, my direct link to them is through their son Thomas and Diane’s direct link is through their son Edward. Click here to go to Diane’s family link.

Just read your resume but am not sure how to contact you as I may be able to fill in some of your gaps and you may be able 
to help me in turn.
My Great Great Grandmother was Louisa Elizabeth Loomes who married Edmund Joseph Cave in 1864.
Rosemary Methven

Louisa Elizabeth Loomes was the daughter of George Loomes. Click here to go to the Cave family link.

Hi Nick
My name is Norman Loomes I am always searching for Loomes Family on the internet I have never found a link with your branch of the name but I was reading about Edward Loomes from Whittlesey in Discovering Whittlesey magazine I think you would find it Interesting it mentions the Dutch connection if you search Discovering Whittlesey you can read the magazines the articles are in Feb & March 2013 issues on page 18 or 19
My Gt Gt grandfather was born in Whittlesey around 1830 his name was also Edward and he moved from there to Belper Derbyshire
hope this is of interest to you kind regards Norman

Click here to see the article

Hello there,
I am Stephen Loomes, and I thought you might advise whether there is any connection with the charts to my ancestors, the first of whom were John Loomes and his wife Anne (nee Speechley) whose voyage to Australia from Whittlesey is set out in this article.
Click here to see the article

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