(George) Dennis Loomes, India 1944

George Dennis Loomes, known by his middle name, Dennis, joined the RAF on 10/4/1943. I am not sure where Dennis did his basic training, but he qualified as a Wireless Operator and Air Gunner.

Referring to Dennis’ NAVIGATOR’S, AIR BOMBER’S AND AIR GUNNER’S FLYING LOG BOOK, it tells us that his 1st entry was on the 8/11/1943 and he was at No. 2 Radio School RAF Yatesbury in Wiltshire, he was signed off from there on the 13th May 1944. Click here to see two of the aircraft that Dennis would of acquired his air experience/training on.

Next Dennis went on to do his Gunnery training at No. 8 Air Gunnery School at RAF Evanton in Ross and Cromarty, Scotland. The period of this course ran from 14/5/1944 to 20/6/1944.

Referring to Dennis’ SERVICE AND RELEASE BOOK he started his overseas service on the 16/7/1944 in India. His wife
Joyce remembers Dennis telling her that he set sail to India from Liverpool. His father had accompanied him up to Liverpool, and they had stopped over at his Aunt Mildred’s house who now lived there with her husband.

Dennis’ 1st entry in India, in his NAVIGATOR’S, AIR BOMBER’S AND AIR GUNNER’S FLYING LOG BOOK is on
the 22/09/1944. He is with No. 22 Ferry Crew and he is based at Allahabad doing Air tests in Beaufighters, Vengeance and Mosquito aircraft.

On the next page dated 4/10/1944 Dennis is now with the No. 9 Ferry Unit again based at Allahabad, he is with them until 29/04/1945. He is a wireless operator and is part of an air crew that is delivering various aircraft and perhaps personal to
different locations around India.

In his Ferry crew identity book Dennis is with the 229 GROUP INDIA and his rank is Sergeant.

In his Log book dated 22/08/1945 Dennis is now with Ferry Flight No.36 Staging Post. I believe he was based at RAF Bamrauli which was near Allahabad. Dennis’ last entry in his log book is dated 27/08/1946.

Dennis served in India from 16/7/44 until 22/11/46

Dennis’ release date from the RAF / last day of service was 27/3/47 he had served in the RAF for 3 years and 11 months.

In all, going by his LOG BOOK, Dennis flew in 19 different types of aircraft to and from 72 different locations in India, Burma, Thailand, Ceylon, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates.

Dennis was awarded 4 medals: 39-45 Star, Burma Star, Defence Medal and War Medal.

Dennis' Ferry Crew Identity Book which he carried around with him whilst in India. Click Here to view inside.

Dennis' Service And Release Book which give details of his service record in the RAF.
Click here to see selected pages taken from inside this book.

Dennis' Navigator's, Air Bomber's And Air Gunner's Flying Log Book.
In this log book Dennis recorded all his flying times- from his time training until the end of his time in India.
Click Here to see selected pages taken from inside this book.

Click here to see a list of the 72 RAF Airfields and Airports that Dennis flew to and from whilst serving in India.


Click here to see a map of India that shows the location of some of the RAF Airfields and Airports that Dennis flew to.

Below is a list taken from Dennis' log book and photo's of aircraft Dennis flew in when in India.

Dennis collected quite abit of memorabilia when serving in the RAF, below is just a few of them, click on the links to view.
  • At Yatesbury Dennis was in two group photographs of the cadets he trained with. Click here to see the photographs.
  • Dennis wrote many letters when serving in India and during this time Airgraphs became popular. Developed by Kodak the idea was that once a letter had been written, it was photographed and along with other letters put on a single roll of film which was then sent back home. Once back home the letters were enlarged and put into an envelope and posted on to its final destination. Click here to read more and see two Airgraphs Dennis wrote to Joyce.
  • Sometimes after delivering an aircraft Dennis along with his crew had to move on to their next destination as passengers on any transport aircraft flying that way. Click here to see a passenger ticket Dennis had for flying him from Bangkok to Calcutta. There is also an information slip that passengers got from the Captain to let them know their location in the air and time of estimated arrival.
  • Dennis was part of a party that left Bamrauli for the Army Leave Centre at Chaubattia near Raniket. Click here to see the instructions Dennis received and passed on to others in his section as part of his role as Warrant Officer.
  • When in India Dennis had a Pass that allowed him to be absent from quarters between 17:30 hours to 23:59 hours daily. Click here to see the pass.
  • Dennis was sent to Dehra Dun in 1945 for 21 days convalescence. Click here to see his Movement Order.
  • In Calcutta on the 16th August 1946 rioting between the Muslins and Hindus resulted in the worst communal riots that British India had seen. A 24 hour curfew was put in to place after rioting in Allahabad, the town close to where Dennis was based. Click here to read clippings from a newspaper that Dennis had cut out and saved.

  • When in India, Dennis and other RAF personal were given a 22 page pamphlet titled “FIGHTING FITNESS”.
    Inside this pamphlet it gave the reader advice on how it was possible to acclimatize the body and to adjust personal habits in tropical and cold climates. Click here to read the Pamphlet. 
  • When Dennis was visiting Bombay (now called Mumbai) he was given a pamphlet/map which was a guide to the city, it also showed locations such as Canteens & Clubs, Churches, Cinemas, Playgrounds and Public Conveniences.
    Click here to see the pamphlet/map.

  • Click here to see a selection of Photos taken of Dennis when serving out in India.