George Henry Loomes         (taken around 1919)                                        

In this photo from the top left to right is: sons Frank and George Henry,
next row: son-in-law John Molyneux, father George, mother Maria (nee Nutter) and son Bert,
next row: daughters Mildred, Beatrice, Lucy, daughter-in-law Eva (nee Chamberlain) and grand daughter Margaret.
next row: sons Kenneth
and Jack (James).                                (photo taken around 1924)

This photo appeared in the Leicester Mercury Book 'Memory Lane Leicester' (first published in 1997). The caption for the photo in the book reads "A coal cart belonging to G.Loomes, coal merchant of Myrtle Road, has just won first prize in a procession or parade in the early 1920s" The photo was taken on the corner of Myrtle Road and St. Stephen's Road.
The four members of the Loomes' family in the photo from left to right are Frank, George, Bert
and George Henry.                         (a copy of the photo was obtained from the Leicester Mercury Library) 

                                                                                                                 George and Maria

George in the back garden of 15 Gwendolen Road, family home of son George Henry

In this photo left to right is: George Henry, daughter Margaret, son George Dennis
and wife Eva
.                                                                                      (photo taken around 1927) 

In this photo left to right is: Eva, son Bill, George Henry, daughter Mildred and son David.                                                                                       (photo taken in Victoria Park around 1938)

Bill, Mildred and David (taken around 1943)
In this photo starting at the top left to right is: Milderd, Bill and David
next row: Margaret holding her son Barry, George Henry holding Margaret's daughter Katharine and Eva holding daughter Janet.
                                     (photo taken  around 1945)

(George) Dennis Loomes and Joyce Lillian Bragg on the day of their engagement, which was Joyce's 19th birthday, 5th September 1947.

 From left to right: Eva with Janet and Mildred              (photo taken on the
5th September 1947)

Wedding of (George) Dennis Loomes and Joyce Lillian Bragg on the 9th July 1949
(from left to right see below)

Dennis' brother Bill and Grand parents Maria and George

Dennis' brother David, sister Margaret, who is holding her daughter Susan, Parents George and Eva. At front is Margaret's son Barry and daughter Katherin and Dennis' sister Janet.
Dennis' brother-in-law Lloyd, Dennis and Joyce

Joyce's Father George, Dennis' sister Mildred, Joyce's mother Maud and brother Ken.

At the sea side, from left to right: Margaret pushing her son Michael, Janet, George Henry and Eva.    (photo taken around 1951)

Janet aged about 8  

In this photo from left to right: Bill, Janet, Mildred, David, Margaret and Dennis.                            (photo taken on the 27th August 1995)